Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Sailing week at Newhaven and Seaford Sailing Club

IOn Monday 6th August I set out for Newhaven and Seaford Sailing club to enter into Sailing week 2018. On arrival there were ideal conditions, blue skies and a very light breeze for the first race of the AM series. There should have been a Cadet Series running parallel but there were insufficient entries during the week and so those cadets who did sail were included with the adult results. Thus there was a total entry of 26 boats for the morning races.

Rupert Smith, sailing his Streaker won the Monday morning  race with Alan Simmons (Streaker, Lancing SC) in second place, Matt Springall (Laser , full rig) third, Stewart Robertson (Blaze, Upnor?) fourth and Penelope Duncan (Laser, Radial) fifth.

In the afternoon first race Duncan McDonald (Streaker) took first place with Rupert Smith and Chris Turner (Fireball) second, Noel West (Streaker) third, Alan Simmons (Streaker)  fourth and Jazz Turner and Lucy McCaig (420) fifth.

In the second race Rupert and Chris took top spot in the slightly stronger breeze with Stewart.R taking second place, Tim Cox and Alice Smith (Fireball) in third, Duncan fourth and Ruth Rhodes and Dorrinda Dodd (Fireball) fifth.

Tuesday dawned with similar conditions and in the morning race Alan took the top spot with Rupert second, Matt third, Zoe McCaig (Laser Radial) fourth and Stewart fifth.

After lunch the third race of the main series was won by Rupert and Chris in the Fireball, Ed Thorburn (Finn) took second spot , Richard Beal (Laser full rig) took third, Zoe fourth and Alan  fifth.

Race four saw Jazz and Lucy in their 420 winning with Matt second, Andy Richlinski (Laser full rig) third, Zoe fourth (again) and Noel fifth.

Wednesday dawned with a bit more breeze and a shore break and as a consequence a smaller fleer – just 14 boats. The winner was  Roan Briggs in his Topper, with Matt taking second place, Alice Smith (sailing Dad’s Streaker) was third, Tim Cox was fourth and Terry Jones (Sprint 15 Sport) was fifth.

After lunch all competitors were reluctant to go afloat, until the safety boat was nearby in the bay. Ark appeared first and off the Tide Mills area appeared to stop and the drift towards the shore. The safety boat approached but did not seem able to assist and Ark was swept onto the beach as was the safety boat due to the by then heavy swell.

The safety boat was manhandled to the top of the beach and placed on its trailer and returned to the NSSC dinghy park. The Ark was re-floated later in the evening and towed back to Newhaven harbour by the other  safety boat. Apparently the prop shaft came out of the drive coupling – thought to be due to ropes around the prop on earlier occasions. There was no apparent damage to the hull, no leaks reported but it was left to be inspected for insurance purposes.

As a consequence the second rib (that had towed Ark back to Newhaven) was the only craft left in service and was reported to be giving shocks to un-gloved – Alan had put himself down for safety boat duty on Thursday morning and duly set off for the harbour with Jo as crew. The marks laid on Wednesday morning were still in the bay so that only an extra Pillar buoy needed to be laid. Conditions had improved from the previous day with little or no shore break and just a light breeze.

The am Race was won, again by Roan in his Topper with Tim and Alice, in the Fireball, home in second place. Matt was third, Thomas Harland-Smith (Laser full rig) was fourth and Penelope fifth.

As it happened the afternoon races were to be the last of the week and the first of the day  (race 5) was won by Jamie Lynch (Dart 16) crewed by James Dandridge, Jazz was second in the 420 crewed by Lucy, James Cuxon and Neil Arnott (Fireball) were third, Ed Hall (Laser Radial) was fourth and Stewart was fifth.

As usual during the week race 6 was sailed back to back with race 5 and was won again by Jamie, with Jazz second again too. Stewart took third place Zoe was fourth and Rupert and Chris in the Fireball took fifth.

Friday dawned with a lot of heavy surf and strong winds and so sailing at the club was abandoned – for the day – and some competitors headed for Piddinghoe and a thrash around in Toppers. Yours truly did not attend and have been given no details of the event up there, I did not attend the prize giving either but append herewith the overall results.

AM series :-

1st       Alan Simmons – Streaker

2nd      Rupert Smith   -  Streaker

3rd       Matt Springall  - Laser/Streaker

PM series – Overall :-

1st        Jamie Lynch and James Dandridge   - Dart 16

2nd        Rupert Smith and Chris Turner            - Fireball

3rd        Jazz Turner and Lucy McCaig             - 420

PM series – Fast Fleet :-

1st        Rupert Smith and Chris Turner            - Fireball

2nd       Jamie Lynch and James Dandridge   - Dart 16

3rd        Stewart Robertson                                - Blaze

PM series – Slow fleet :-

1st        Jazz Turner and Lucy McCaig             - 420

2nd       Noel West                                               - Streaker

3rd        Zoe McCaig                                           - Laser Radial.

Overall it had been a sucessfull week, 32 entrants in the PM series, with weather conditions variable enough to suit all at one time or another. There was a well supported social event each evening with plenty of campers/caravaners in the carpark area. Yes the weather did cause cancelled races – and the beaching of both Ark and one of the ribs - but fortunately no one was injured and both boats do not seem to have suffered any major damage. One disappointment however was the lack of sufficient interest from the cadets present thus preventing enough entrants to constitute a separate series and award of the Trophy.

Alan. S 1700

PS. The full tables of results are on the NSSC web site - http://www.nssc.org.uk/cms/images/nsscdocs/results/2018/2018swpmov.htm and similar pages.